Traditional Recipes of Holy Mount Athos – Monk Nikitas Agioreitis


ISBN 9789603643968
Published by Saitis
Number of pages 151
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Traditional Recipes of Holy Mount Athos – Monk Nikitas Agioreitis

Father Nikitas, comes from the island of “Kos”. He was grown up near the sea, pulling up the nets beside his father .In Mount Athos, he also works as a fisherman. He knows a lot about fish and how to prepare it in the best and most delicious ways. He talks to his fellow dinners about Mount Athos, the Holly Monastery of the Virgin Mary “Portaitissa” and the secrets of his cooking. During the meal in the Monastic Altars, either the life of the Saint who is honoured each day or a Father’s text is read. In the Holly Cells, spiritual conversations take place, solutions to questions are given and news concerning the process of our generation is commented. The Altar is both material and spiritual. The food is delicious, the wine is fragrant the water is digestive, the prayer is never neglected and everything is blessed. The priest always blesses the servants’ of God eating and drinking and the Altar’s leftovers as well and he always wishes that there is no luck in the houses of the poor. During the celebrations of the cells, at the end of the dinner had for the forgiveness of the unforgettable founders, hymns of the Fathers’ temples are chanted and the fellow dinners knock the glasses of wine with their forks, instead of clapping. If the cook has cooked well while the hymn of his temple is chanted, the glasses are knocked more strongly…Today, he lives in the Holy Cell “Koutloumousiano” which is located in the Holy Monastery of The Virgin Mary “Portaitissa”, below the village of “Karies” working patiently to repair his old cell which really needs multiple and immediate interventions. He prepares the humble ration of the cell every day. During the celebrations of the neighboring Monasteries, he is invited to help with his art for the Festive Altar. Ships from and sold by AtHOS.