The Acropolis and the goddess Athena


ISBN 9789605471507
Published by Agkyra
Number of pages 40
Recommended age 6+

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The Acropolis and the goddess Athena

Why was Athena the favourite goddess of the ancient Greeks and also the goddess of wisdom? How did the city of Athens get its name? What was the Panathenaea? When and how was the first Acropolis built? Who was the leader of ancient Athens and did his dream of making Athens a cultural centre come true? How did the Parthenon get its name and what was the relationship between the goddess Athena and the Acropolis? Why was the 5th century BC called the Golden Age? Who was Lord Elgin? How and why did Classical Greek culture influence the whole world? Where is the new Acropolis Museum located, and which monuments are exhibited there? These are some of the questions answered in this fascinating book.
Additional historical information and activities are provided at the end of the book which will help readers consolidate their understanding of this significant period in Greek history.


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